Parent Tot Dance Class

Ages 18 months - 3.5 years

Parent Tot class is specially designed for a parent or guardian to accompany his/her 18 month - 3 year old dancer to class!  Parents help toddlers participate in a concept-based movement class where they learn motor skills, musicality, balance and coordination and a love for music, art, and dance!

Creative Movement

Ages 3-5 years

Creative dance class introduces young students to movement patterns, rhythm, spatial awareness and tumbling!  Each week the dancers will explore new dance concepts, create choreography and practice motor skills.  This is a wonderful experience for both boys and girls who love to play, move, create and dance!

Ballet / Tap Combination

K-2nd grade and 3rd-5th grade

An engaging and fun-filled dance technique class for all!  Students will enjoy a full class that begins with a creative dance based warm-up; great for the body and the brain!  Ballet terminology, placement and movement is introduced and dancers will practice and prepare for ballet steps moving across the floor and in prepared combinations.  The tap dance portion of class is always a favorite!  Dancers will learn about rhythm and meter and learn basic tap dance steps and sequences and the fundamentals of tap dance.


All Ages K-18

A classical dance form characterized by grace, precision of movement, formal gestures, steps and poses - Ballet is at the heart of concert dance training and performance.  Students in ballet will concentrate on alignment, strength, flexibility and gestures while working at the barre and then progress this material into center work: adagio, petit allergro, grand allegro, port de bras, and epaulement. Emphasizing the importance of form, musicality, and presence makes ballet class both challenging and rewarding.


Ages 12+

Creative, expressive, strong and daring: students in Modern dance class will focus on moving from the inside out, finding balance, strength, and dynamic quality of movement.  Bill Evans based Modern Dance Technique prepares the dancer to better understand and execute internal connections in the body, movement intention, and to clarify elements of space, body, time, and energy.  Dancers will explore improvisation, partnering, and creating choreography.


Ages 8+

Energetic, dynamic and musical: students of Jazz dance are introduced to classical and contemporary jazz, a range of styles in both lyrical and percussive disciplines with a focus on jazz elements such as isolations, swing, and rhythm.  Students will gain strength, flexibility, stamina, focus and performance quality while working on across the floor progressions, leaps and turns and choreography.


Ages 12+

Contemporary dance class provides a personal and engaging environment for dancers to explore a blending of jazz, modern and ballet technique and pedestrian movement qualities.  Students will gain technique from all forms and focus on the fundamental elements of dance while learning fun, challenging and up to date styles of choreography!  Previous dance training is highly recommended for this class.




Every class taught at Lakewood Dance Academy is supported by Creative Movement and all students will explore dance concepts as a part of his/her dance education.  Musicality, spatial awareness, and movement quality are some of the concepts studied as a part of technique training.