Spring semester begins Saturday, January 5th

Open for classes Monday, January 21st


Costume Fees Due February 10th

Spring registration closes February 10th

Open for classes Monday, February 18th


Dress Rehearsal for Open Boundaries Saturday, March 9th 1-3 at Lakewood Dance Academy

Open Boundaries, presented by LDA Student Ensemble Saturday, March 16th at 6:30pm 

at the D.L. Parsons Theatre at the Northglenn Recreation Center

Spring Break (no classes) March 25th through March 31st


Recital Photo Shoot April 23rd and 24th

Tuesday, April 23

4:30 Julie's Tues. 4:45 Creative

4:45 Lindsay's Tues. 5:00 Pre-Ballet/Tap 

5:30 Julie's Tues. 6:00 Int./Adv. Contemporary 

5:45 Lindsay's Tues. 6:00 Int. Contemporary 

6:00 Lindsay's Saturday 10:30 Ballet/Tap 

6:15 Lindsay's Saturday 11:30 Jazz/Modern

6:30 Alison's Int. Ballet 

Wednesday, April 24

3:30 Julie's Wed. 10:15 Creative 

3:45 Julie's Mon. 4:00 Pre-Ballet/Tap

4:00 Alison's Saturday 8:45 Creative 

4:15 Alison's Saturday 9:30 Pre-Ballet/Tap 

4:30 Alison's Thurs. 4:15 Ballet A

5:00 Alison's Mon/Thrs. Int./Adv. Ballet

5:15 Julie's Saturday 10:45 Tumbling & Creative 

5:30 Julie's Wed. 4:00 Ballet/Tap 

5:45 Sydney's Thurs. 4:15 Int./Adv. Tap 

6:00 Julie's Saturday 10:00 Pre-Ballet & Creative 

6:15 Julie's Wed. 5:00 Youth Contemporary

6:30 Sydney's Thrs. 6:00pm Pre-Ballet & Creative 

6:45 Sydney's Thurs. 5:15 Tap A

7:00 Danika's Monday 4:30 Teen/Open Ballet


Memorial Day (no classes) Monday, May 27th

Dress rehearsal for Spring Recital May 29th at Green Mountain High School

Spring Recital - May 31 - June 1 at Green Mountain High School

Classes performing Friday, May 31st ONLY

Tuesday 5:00pm Pre-Ballet/Tap - Lindsay

Tuesday 4:45pm Creative Dance - Julie

Wednesday 5:00pm Youth Contemporary - Julie

Wednesday 4:00pm Ballet/Tap - Julie

Saturday 10:00am Tumbling & Creative - Julie

Saturday 11:30am Jazz/Modern - Lindsay

Saturday 10:30am Ballet/Tap - Lindsay


Classes performing Saturday, June 1st ONLY

Thursday 5:15pm Tap A - Sydney

 Thursday 6:00pm Pre-Ballet - Sydney

Saturday 10:00am Pre-Ballet- Julie

Monday 3:30pm Pre-Ballet/Tap - Julie/Katie

Wednesday 10:15am Creative - Julie

Saturday 9:30am Pre-Ballet/Tap - Alison

Saturday 8:45am Creative - Alison


Classes performing in BOTH SHOWS

Ballet A - Alison

Intermediate Ballet - Alison

Int/Adv Ballet - Alison

Teen Beg/Int Ballet - Danika

Int/Adv Tap - Sydney

LDA Ensemble - Julie

Int. Contemporary - Lindsay

Int/Adv Contemporary - Julie


Last day of class - Saturday, June 8th