Important Dates Spring 2018

NO CLASS DATES: MARCH 25 - APRIL 1 (Spring Break), MAY 28, JUNE 2


Friday, April 13th at 9:00am - Tickets for the Spring recital, Elements, go on sale.


Saturday, May 5th - Individual and Class Picture Day at Lakewood Dance Academy


Wednesday, May 30th - Dress Rehearsal at Green Mountain High School 4-8pm

4:00-4:30pm - All Creative Dance classes tour the green room and practice walking on stage and choreography.
4:30-4:40pm - All Pre-Ballet/Tap classes tour the green room and backstage area.
4:40-4:50pm - Ms. Julie's Wed. 4pm Pre-B/T
4:50-5:00pm - Ms. Danika's Sat. 11:30am Pre-B/T
5:00-5:10pm - Ms. Alison's Sat. 9:30am Pre-B/T
5:10-5:20pm - Ms. Julie's Wed. 10:30am Pre-B/T
5:20-5:30pm - Ms. Lindsay's Tues. 5:15pm Pre-B/T
5:30-5:40pm - Ms. Danika's Mon. 4:15pm Ballet/Tap I 
5:40-5:50pm - Ms. Julie's Wed. 3:00pm Ballet/Tap I
5:50-6:00pm - Ms. Julie's Sat. 10:30am Ballet/Tap I
6:00-6:15pm - Ms. Alison's Sat. 10:30am Ballet II and Thrs. 4:30pm Ballet II
6:15-6:25pm - Ms. Julie's Sat. 11:30am Beg. Jazz/Modern
6:25-6:35pm - Ms. Danika's Mon. 6pm Teen Ballet
6:35-6:45pm - Contemporary I
6:45-6:55pm - Contemporary II
6:55-7:05pm - Ballet III
7:05-7:15pm - Tap II and Tap III
7:15-7:30pm - Ballet IV and Ballet V
7:30-8:00pm - Staff rehearsal and notes


Saturday, June 2 - NO CLASSES

Friday, June 1 and Saturday, June 2 - Spring recital, Elements at Green Mountain High School at 6:30pm

Performance Schedule 

The following classes perform in BOTH SHOWS: Friday and Saturday 6pm, June 1-2
Beginning Tap - Danika
Tap II - Sydney
Tap III - Sydney
Beginning Jazz/Modern - Julie
Contemporary I - Alison
Contemporary II - Danika
Beginning Teen Ballet - Danika
Ballet II Thursday - Alison
Ballet II Saturday - Alison
Ballet III - Julie/Alison
Ballet IV - Alison/Julie
Ballet V - Alison/Julie

The following classes perform on Friday ONLY
Saturday 8:45am Creative - Alison
Saturday 9:45am Creative - Julie
Saturday 9:30am Pre-Ballet/Tap - Alison
Saturday 11:30am Pre-Ballet/Tap - Danika
Wednesday 10:30am Pre-Ballet/Tap - Julie
Wednesday 3pm Ballet/Tap I - Julie

The following classes perform on Saturday ONLY
Wednesday 9:45am Creative - Julie
Tuesday 4:30pm Creative - Julie
Tuesday 5:15pm Pre-Ballet/Tap - Lindsay
Wednesday 4pm Pre-Ballet/Tap - Julie
Monday 4:15pm Ballet/Tap I - Danika
Saturday 10:30am Ballet/Tap I - Julie


Saturday, June 9th - Last Day of Class for the 2017/18 academy year


July 9th - Summer Camps and Summer Session begin this week