Parent/Tot Dance - NEW CLASS beginning 1/9
Parent/Tot Dance - NEW CLASS beginning 1/12Saturdays9:30-10:00am1.5-3
Creative: Introduction to Dance - 1 spot availableTuesdays4:45-5:30pm3-4
Creative: Introduction to Dance - 3 spots available
Creative: Introduction to Dance - Full (waitlist)
Saturdays 8:45-9:30am3-4
Tumbling & Creative Dance -Full (waitlist)Saturdays10:45-11:30am3-5
Pre-Ballet & Creative Dance - Full (waitlist)Saturdays 10:00-10:45am4-6
Pre-Ballet & Creative Dance Thursdays6:00-6:45pm4-6
Pre-Ballet & Tap - 3 spots availableTuesdays5:00-6:00pm4.5-6
Pre-Ballet & TapSaturdays9:30-10:30am4.5-6
Pre-Ballet & Tap - 3 spots availableMondays3:30-4:30pm4.5-6
Ballet & Tap Wednesdays4:00-5:00pm5-7
Ballet & Tap - 1 spot availableSaturdays10:30-11:30am5-7
Youth Contemporary & Lyrical - 3 spots availableWednesdays5:00-6:00pm6-9
Youth Jazz & ModernSaturdays11:30am-12:30pm6-9
Ballet A (beg/int) - Full (waitlist)Thursdays4:15-5:15pm6.5-8
Tap A (beg/int)Thursdays5:15-6:00pm7+
Intermediate/Advanced TapThursdays4:15-5:15pm8+
Intermediate Ballet - 1 spot availableMondays4:15-5:30pm8-12
Intermediate Ballet - 1 spot available Thursdays5:15-6:30pm8-12
LDA Ensemble: Student Company - FullTuesdays7:00-7:30pm9-18
Contemporary ATuesdays6:00-7:00pm8-11
Contemporary B  Tuesdays6:00-7:00pm12-18
Teen Jazz (Beg/Int)   NEW CLASS beginning 1/7Mondays6:00-7:00pm10-18
Teen Ballet (Beg/Int)Mondays4:30-5:45pm10-18
Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Mondays5:30-7:00pm12-18
Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Thursdays6:30-8:00pm12-18
Pointe & Pre-PointeMondays7:00-7:45pm12-18

Class descriptions can be found here; please call or email with questions about classes or curriculum or to schedule a trial or placement class. Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, and Ballet/Tap classes have a dress code. Creative, Tumbling, and Parent/Tot do not have a dress code; please wear moveable and comfortable clothing. 

2018/19 Academy Classes and Registration

Current dancers and new students may register for classes via the links below. Our 2018/19 academy year begins Saturday, August 18th. All ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, combo, and creative classes run weekly mid-August through May and tuition is due monthly. August is pro-rated to a half payment. Parent/Tot classes are eight week sessions. Call or email with questions about classes or to schedule a free trial or placement class. We look forward to sharing our knowledge of dance education with you! (303) 232-2709