Creative DanceTuesdays4:00pm-4:45pm3-4$55
Pre-Ballet Tuesdays5:00pm-5:45pm4.5-6$55
Beg/Int BalletTuesdays4:00pm-5:00pm6.5-9$75
Int/Adv BalletTuesdays6:00pm-7:30pm9+$90

2019/2020 Academy Classes

​​Current dancers and new students may register for classes via the links above. Our 2019/20 academy year begins Saturday, August 17th. All ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, combo, and creative classes run weekly August 17  through June 6 and tuition is due monthly. August is pro-rated to a half payment. Students may register while space is available and stay in a class for any length of time. Performances include Nutcracker Tea Party, Student Ensemble Showcase, and Spring Recital. Please call or email with questions about classes or to schedule a free trial or placement class. (303) 232-2709


Summer Camps and Classes

​At Lakewood Dance Academy we love summer! We offer dance and art camps to keep your children engaged and moving during the summer months and intensives to inspire every dancer! Summer Session is six weeks of once per week classes from June 25 through July 30. Half-day camps are offered for students ages 3-10 years and intensives for students 8+. Join the fun and excitement that summer brings and register today! We look forward to sharing our knowledge of dance education with your student. (303) 232-2709  

* Class requires placement or invitation by instructor. Call (303) 232-2709 for a trial or placement class.

2018/19 Current Academy Classes 

Mermaids and Pirates Dance Camp 
June 17-209:00am-11:30pm4-6$110
Tap Dance Intensive
June 19-201:00pm-4:00pm8+$75
Carnival of the Animals Dance CampJuly 8-119:00am-12:00pm5-7$120
Under the Sea Dance CampJuly 8-119:00am-11:30am3-4$100
Youth Dance Intensive
July 15-189:00am-2:00pm7-9$160
Fairy Tale Dance CampJuly 22-259:00am-12:00pm5-7$120
Little Princes & Princesses Dance CampJuly 22-259:00am-11:30am3-4$100

Contemporary Dance Intensive

July 31-Aug 210:00am-3:00pm9+$150

Parent/Tot Dance  
Parent/Tot Dance Saturdays9:30-10:00am1.5-3
Creative: Introduction to Dance Tuesdays4:45-5:30pm3-4
Creative: Introduction to Dance  
Creative: Introduction to Dance  
Saturdays 8:45-9:30am3-4
Tumbling & Creative Dance Saturdays10:45-11:30am3-5
Pre-Ballet & Creative Dance Saturdays 10:00-10:45am4-6
Pre-Ballet & Creative Dance Thursdays6:00-6:45pm4-6
Pre-Ballet & TapTuesdays5:00-6:00pm4.5-6
Pre-Ballet & Tap Saturdays9:30-10:30am4.5-6
Pre-Ballet & Tap Mondays3:30-4:30pm4.5-6
Ballet & Tap Wednesdays4:00-5:00pm5-7
Ballet & Tap Saturdays10:30-11:30am5-7
Youth Contemporary & Lyrical Wednesdays5:00-6:00pm6-9
Youth Jazz & ModernSaturdays11:30am-12:30pm6-9
Ballet A (beg/int) Thursdays4:15-5:15pm6.5-8
Tap A (beg/int)Thursdays5:15-6:00pm7+
Intermediate/Advanced TapThursdays4:15-5:15pm8+
Intermediate Ballet Mondays4:15-5:30pm8-12
Intermediate BalletThursdays5:15-6:30pm8-12
LDA Ensemble: Student Company Tuesdays7:00-7:30pm9-18
Intermediate ContemporaryTuesdays6:00-7:00pm8-11
Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary  Tuesdays6:00-7:00pm12-18
Teen Jazz (Beg/Int)Mondays6:00-7:00pm10-18
Teen Ballet (Beg/Int)Mondays4:30-5:45pm10-18
Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Mondays5:30-7:00pm12-18
Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Thursdays6:30-8:00pm12-18
Pointe & Pre-PointeMondays7:00-7:45pm12-18

Creative: Introduction to Dance Tuesdays4:45-5:30pm3-4
Creative: Introduction to Dance  
Creative: Introduction to Dance  
Saturdays 9:00-9:45am3-4
Tumbling & Creative Dance Saturdays9:45-10:30am3.5-5
Pre-Ballet & Creative Dance Wednesdays3:45-4:30pm4-6
Pre-Ballet & Creative Dance Saturdays9:45-10:30am4-6
Pre-Ballet & TapMondays3:45-4:45pm4.5-6
Pre-Ballet & Tap Tuesdays4:30-5:30pm4.5-6
Pre-Ballet & Tap Wednesdays10:15-11:15am4.5-6
Pre-Ballet & TapSaturdays10:30-11:30am4.5-6
Ballet & Tap Thursdays4:00-5:00pm5.5-7
Ballet & Tap Saturdays11:30-12:30pm5.5-7
Contemporary A (Jazz/Modern)Wednesdays5:30-6:30pm6-8
Contemporary A (Jazz/Modern)Saturdays11:30-12:30pm6-8
Ballet A  Wednesdays4:30-5:30pm6.5-9
Ballet ASaturdays10:30-11:30am6.5-9
Tap A Mondays4:45-5:30pm7-12
Tap B *Thursdays 4:15-5:15pm9-12
Ballet B *Thursdays5:00-6:30pm8-12
Beg/Int Ballet Mondays5:30-6:30pm9-12
Beg/Int Jazz Mondays6:30-7:30pm10-18
Contemporary B * Tuesdays5:30-6:45pm9-12
Contemporary C *Tuesdays5:30-6:45pm12-18
LDA Ensemble: Student Company * Tuesdays6:45-7:30pm9-18
Ballet C *Mondays4:15-5:30pm9-18
Ballet C *Thursdays5:15-6:30pm9-18
Ballet D * Mondays5:30-7:00pm10-18
Ballet D *Thursdays6:30-8:00pm10-18
Pointe *Mondays7:00-7:45pm12-18
Teen/Adult Intermediate BalletThursdays6:30-8:00pm12+