Please observe the following dress code inside the dance studio. Thank you!

- No street shoes, jewelry (small earrings are okay), gum, food, or beverages besides water are allowed in the dance studio.

- Long hair must be pulled back in a pony tail for all dance classes or in a bun for ballet classes.

- Jeans and other school clothes are not appropriate dance attire; please see the following information for class specific dress.

Parent/Tot Dance

Boys, Girls, and Parents: moveable, comfortable clothing and bare feet or dance shoes

Creative Dance

Boys and Girls: comfortable, moveable pants, shorts, leggings or tights and form fitting top or leotard.  Socks, bare feet, or ballet slippers.

Pre-Ballet/Tap and Ballet/Tap Combination

Girls: black leotard, ballet pink (light) tights, pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes. Short hair pinned back, long hair in a pony tail or bun.

Boys: black athletic pant, white t-shirt, black ballet shoes, black tap shoes


Girls: black leotard, ballet pink (very light) tights, ballet slippers; dance skirt is optional.  Short hair pinned back, long hair in a bun. 

Boys: black dance pants, white fitted t-shirt, black ballet shoes. 


Girls and Boys: black dance leggings, any color of leotard or form fitted tank, black jazz shoes.


Girls and Boys: black dance leggings, any color leotard, tank or fitted athletic top.