Contemporary Dance Showcase

Friday, March 16, 2018 6:30pm

Lakewood Dance Academy

Studio B

9635 West Colfax Ave.

Lakewood, CO 80215

Free Admission


Nutcracker Tea Party

Sunday, December 3, 2017 1pm

Baldoria on the Water

146 Van Gordon St.

Lakewood, CO 80228


Lakewood Dance Academy hosts three concerts a year; a Nutcracker Tea Party in December for all Ballet classes, a Contemporary Dance Showcase in March for Tap, Modern, and Jazz classes, and a Spring Recital for all Lakewood Dance Academy students. 


Spring Recital, Elements

Friday, June 1 and Saturday June 2

Time 6:30pm

Arrival Times Creative, Pre-Ballet/Tap, and Ballet/Tap I, and Beginning Jazz students arrive between 5:45-6pm. ALL other students arrive at 4pm for a blocking rehearsal onstage. Doors open for seating at 6:00pm, only students, instructors, and parent volunteers are allowed in the auditorium before the house opens and in the backstage area.


Green Mountain High School

​13175 W Green Mountain Dr. 

Lakewood, CO 80228


Adult $14 Child $9 Children 2 and younger are free if sitting on a lap . Tickets go on sale online Friday, April 13, 2018 at 9:00am. Purchase tickets here.

Dress Rehearsal for the recital is Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at Green Mountain High School, 4-8pm.

4:00-4:30pm - All Creative Dance classes tour the green room and practice walking on stage and choreography.
4:30-4:40pm - All Pre-Ballet/Tap classes tour the green room and backstage area.
4:40-4:50pm - Ms. Julie's Wed. 4pm Pre-B/T
4:50-5:00pm - Ms. Danika's Sat. 11:30am Pre-B/T
5:00-5:10pm - Ms. Alison's Sat. 9:30am Pre-B/T
5:10-5:20pm - Ms. Julie's Wed. 10:30am Pre-B/T
5:20-5:30pm - Ms. Lindsay's Tues. 5:15pm Pre-B/T
5:30-5:40pm - Ms. Danika's Mon. 4:15pm Ballet/Tap I 
5:40-5:50pm - Ms. Julie's Wed. 3:00pm Ballet/Tap I
5:50-6:00pm - Ms. Julie's Sat. 10:30am Ballet/Tap I

6:00-6:15pm - Ms. Alison's Sat. 10:30am Ballet II and Thrs. 4:30pm Ballet II
6:15-6:25pm - Ms. Julie's Sat. 11:30am Beg. Jazz/Modern

6:25-6:35pm - Ms. Danika's Mon. 6pm Teen Ballet
6:35-6:45pm - Contemporary I
6:45-6:55pm - Contemporary II

6:55-7:05pm - Ballet III
7:05-7:15pm - Tap II and Tap III
7:15-7:30pm - Ballet IV and Ballet V
7:30-8:00pm - Staff rehearsal and notes

Performance Schedule

The following classes perform in BOTH SHOWS: Friday and Saturday 6pm, June 1-2

Beginning Tap - Danika
Tap II - Sydney
Tap III - Sydney
Beginning Jazz/Modern - Julie
Contemporary I - Alison
Contemporary II - Danika
Beginning Teen Ballet - Danika
Ballet II Thursday - Alison
Ballet II Saturday - Alison
Ballet III - Julie/Alison
Ballet IV - Alison/Julie
Ballet V - Alison/Julie

The following classes perform on Friday ONLY
Saturday 8:45am Creative - Alison
Saturday 9:45am Creative - Julie
Saturday 9:30am Pre-Ballet/Tap - Alison
Saturday 11:30am Pre-Ballet/Tap - Danika
Wednesday 10:30am Pre-Ballet/Tap - Julie
Wednesday 3pm Ballet/Tap I - Julie

The following classes perform on Saturday ONLY
Wednesday 9:45am Creative - Julie
Tuesday 4:30pm Creative - Julie
Tuesday 5:15pm Pre-Ballet/Tap - Lindsay
Wednesday 4pm Pre-Ballet/Tap - Julie
Monday 4:15pm Ballet/Tap I - Danika
Saturday 10:30am Ballet/Tap I - Julie

Picture Day for all classes is Saturday, May 5th at Lakewood Dance Academy.

8:30-8:45am - Ms. Alison's Sat. Creative 
8:45-9am - Ms. Alison's Sat. Pre-Ballet/Tap 
9-9:10am - Ms. Julie's Wed. Pre-Ballet/Tap
9:10-9:20am - Ms. Julie's Wed. Ballet/Tap I
9:20-9:35am - Ms. Julie's Wed. Creative 
9:35-9:45am - Ms. Julie's Sat. Ballet/Tap I
10:15-10:30am - Ms. Alison's  Thrs. Ballet II and Sat. Ballet II
10:30-10:45am -  Ms. Danika's Mon. Ballet/Tap I
10:45-11am - Ms. Julie's Sat. Creative
11-11:10am - Ms. Sydney's Tap II and Tap III 
11:10-11:25am - Ms. Danika's Sat. Pre-B/T
11:35-11:45am - Ms. Alison's Ballet IV and Ballet V
11:45-11:55am - Ms. Alison's Contemporary I 
12:30-12:40pm - Ms. Danika's Mon. 6pm Teen Ballet 
12:40-12:50pm - Ms. Julie's Beg. Jazz/Modern
12:50-1:00pm - Ms. Alison/Julie Ballet III
1:00-1:10pm - Ms. Lindsay's Contemporary II 
1:15-1:30pm - Ms. Julie's Tues. Creative
1:30 - 1:45pm - Ms. Lindsay's Tues. Pre-Ballet/Tap
1:45-2:00pm - Ms. Julie's Wed. 4pm Pre-Ballet/Tap

Recital Q & A  

When and where is Dress Reherasal?

Dress Rehearsal for all students participating in Elements is Wednesday, May 30th at Green Mountain High School. Dress rehearsal is 4-8pm and each class has a specific time slot. See schedule above.

What time does my child need to be at the theater on the day of the recital?  

Creative Dance, Pre-Ballet/Tap, Ballet/Tap and Beginning Jazz/Modern students arrive between 5:45 and 6:00pm and will be escorted to the music room by a teacher, volunteer, or assistant.  All other dancers arrive at 4pm for a blocking rehearsal onstage and warm-up.  Doors open for seating at 6pm.

Where do I drop off my child(ren)?

Teachers and parent volunteers will meet your child at the main entrance and escort him/her backstage or to the music room. Parents are welcome to wait in the lobby or leave and return for the show. 

What does my child need to bring the day of the recital?  

Dancers should arrive with hair and make-up done and Creative Dance and Pre-Ballet/Tap students arrive in costume (the purchased costume for the Pre-Ballet/Tap dancers).  All dancers should pack a dance bag with ALL costume pieces including tights, shoes, hair pieces, etc.  Students can bring water, a small snack, and a quiet toy or game (ie coloring book).  Other items that come in handy are hair spray or gel, bobby pins, safety pins, extra tights and sweat pants and a zip up jacket in case it is cool backstage.  

May I take pictures or video during the performance?  

No.  Please help our students and families by practicing good theater etiquette. Flash and glowing lights are distracting for young dancers, dangerous for advanced dancers, and unpleasant for other patrons.  A professional videographer and photographer record the performance and DVD's can be purchased the day of the show. 

How long is the recital?

The performance will begin at 6:30pm and end at approximately 7:45pm.