Lakewood Dance Academy
A concept-based approach to dance education.

Lakewood Dance Academy is an inclusive community offering concept-based dance education and concert dance training in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Creative, and Parent/Tot. Technique classes are supported by creative movement studies, and safe, and effective teaching methods. Our students are taught by accredited instructors who value the creativity, athleticism, and artistry of every child. Classes are offered for beginners to advanced, ages 18 months - 18 years. Your child is most welcome to attend a trial or placement class. Lakewood Dance Academy hosts three performances annually; Nutcracker Tea Party, Contemporary Dance Showcase, and Spring Recital.  

We offer a full schedule of Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Creative, and Parent/Tot dance classes throughout the school year; from mid August through the first week of June. Registration is open where space is available through mid February. Registration is available online or over the phone at (303) 232-2709. Please call or email with any questions or to schedule a trial or placement class.


Dancing makes you smarter!

"Dancing increases cognitive acuity at all ages...and dancing integrates several brain functions at once - kinesthetic, rational, musical and emotional - further increasing neural connectivity." *

Dancing makes you stronger! 

Dancers are athletes, as well as artists, and dancing  increases flexibility, strength, coordination and helps to keep joints and muscles healthy.

Dancing makes you . . . you! 

Dance is a creative outlet that provides students a structured environment to express their thoughts, feelings and values.

* New England Journal of Medicine

Why Choose Lakewood Dance Academy?

Approach - We specialize in creative dance studies, using curriculum designed by Anne Green Gilbert, We believe concept-based training benefits all students studying ballet, jazz, modern, and tap technique.

Staff - We believe every student deserves to be taught by a professional instructor with a background in dance education and professional performance experience. 

Atmosphere - Lakewood Dance Academy is an inclusive community; all students and families are welcome here.

Affordability - We do not charge registration or recital fees and we strive to keep tuition and costuming affordable for our families.


Lakewood Dance Academy provides creative dance classes and professional concert dance training in a  dedicated and encouraging environment. 

The goal for every dancer at LDA is to become a skilled technician, thoughtful collaborator, dynamic performer, and artistic choreographer. 

We strive to bring the best in dance education and performance to Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Golden, and West Denver.